Accounts Receivable Management 

We look after the contracting of your accounts receivables in your company name as an extension of your own accounts department.


Many of our clients have said that since passing this work to I&N not only has their cash flow increased and ageing reduced, their staff are much happier and are now able to look after other areas of the business to increase productivity and profitability.


Our professional credit management team is able to achieve results constantly and keep in contact with you by email and by telephone, no matter where your offices are based. This way you can always be kept updated of the progress for any particular account.


We pride ourselves that we are able to collect your accounts in your name and retain an excellent rapport with your customers assuring you of repeat business with them and future referrals.

Trade Reference Checks

We conduct confidential trade reference checks on behalf of our clients thus the client remains anonymous.


In many cases the party that have been given as a trade reference are often direct opposition to our client.

Accounts Payable & Business Management, Bookkeeping and Customised Commercial Documentation

We act on your behalf to manage your accounts payables ledger plus the day-to-day correspondence required in conducting your organizations affairs.


Bookkeeping – We offer several levels of service either directly through I&N or with one of our many qualified business partners that specialise in this area.


In today’s fast moving world it is essential that your documentation keep pace with the growth of your business. Many businesses today lack the information they require to protect themselves.
We offer the drafting of various types of customised documentation, for example:

  • Commercial Credit Applications
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Waivers
  • Guarantees/Indemnities
  • Heads of Agreement

Plus many other documents that are needed to conduct business effectively.


How long is it since you upgraded your documentation? You will be surprised at how little the investment is to upgrade your documentation. Call us now to find out more..

Sourcing of Products and Services

This division has evolved from the request of many of our clients, as they have found that by outsourcing this task it freed their time up to concentrate on other aspects of their business.


Our clients have figured out that it has also given them access to a network of organizations able to supply products and services that previously they had not the time to track down..

Debt Recovery

We are able to offer you a full debt recovery services. Over the years we have found that many delinquent debtors are not there by choice and in many cases we are able to negotiate a suitable settlement without the need for costly litigation.


Should court action be required we are aligned to several legal firms that will act on your behalf at very reasonable rates

Business Coaching

Business coaching is all about growing your business, improving your profit, freeing up your time and getting your staff to work harder as a team. It is a mentoring program that teaches you how to achieve more from both your life and business.


I&N are closely aligned to one of the foremost coaching companies in Australia. To find out more contact us today and we will direct a business coach to have a chat with you, they will be more than happy to discuss (without any obligation on your part) how business coaching may benefit you.